Policy guideline on food safety management in Australia

Page last updated: 21 November 2016

(Endorsed 12 December 2003)
On 12 December 2003, the Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council (Ministerial Council) adopted policy guidelines to improve food safety management in Australia. These guidelines include overarching principles and recommendations on which food business sectors should develop and implement mandatory food safety programs.

It was agreed that the following sectors introduce Food Safety Standard 3.2.1 Food Safety Programs:

  • Food service, in which potentially hazardous food is served to vulnerable populations;
  • Producing, harvesting, processing and distributing raw oysters and other bivalves;
  • Catering operations serving food to the general public; and
  • Producing manufactured and fermented meat.
Policy Guideline on Food Safety Management in Australia (Word 70 KB)
Policy Guideline on Food Safety Management in Australia (PDF 151 KB)

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