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The Ministerial Policy Guideline on Food Safety Management for General Food Service and Closely Related Retail Sectors (the Policy Guideline) provides a framework for the development of nationally-consistent food safety management arrangements in Australia.

The eight general food service and closely related retail sectors covered by the Policy Guideline are:
  • caterers (on- and off-site);
  • two food service sectors: those providing ready-to-eat (RTE) food prepared in advance and those providing food that is prepared express order;
  • processors (that may also retail) of bakery products containing potentially hazardous fillings (PHF); and
  • four sectors that retail (that do not process) the following products: bakery products containing PHF, delicatessen products, perishable RTE packaged food (e.g. sandwiches) and seafood products.
In Australia the likelihood and magnitude of food businesses in these eight sectors contributing to foodborne illness is considered high. All food business types covered by the Policy Guideline are classified in the two highest risk categories, Priority 1 and Priority 2, using the Risk Profiling Framework.

While the fundamentals of good hygiene practice and food safety management are provided for through Standards 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, the Policy Guideline recognises that additional intervention may be warranted in some circumstances. Australian jurisdictions are currently at different stages of implementing measures to better manage food safety risks in the sectors covered by the Policy Guideline. Some jurisdictions have implemented additional regulatory measures to manage the food safety risk in the food business sectors covered by the Policy Guideline (e.g. some jurisdictions require certain food businesses to have a food safety program or food safety supervisor requirements). All jurisdictions have implemented some non-regulatory measures to better manage the food safety risks.

A joint FRSC/ISFR working group has been established to undertake further work to improve food safety management outcomes in the eight retail / food service sectors at a national level.
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