Food Regulation Standing Committee Roundtable Final Communiqué 9 April 2019

Communiqué of outcomes from the Food Regulation Standing Committee Roundtable meeting held on 9 April 2019

Page last updated: 13 August 2019

Food Regulation Standing Committee Roundtable Final Communiqué 9 April 2019 (PDF 43 KB)

The Food Regulation Standing Committee (the FRSC) held a Roundtable meeting on 9 April 2019 in Brisbane. The meeting was chaired by the acting FRSC Chair, Ms Lyndall Soper. Invitees included consumer and public health groups, industry and food regulators from around Australia and New Zealand. The Roundtable is one of FRSC’s stakeholder engagement initiatives.

These meetings provide stakeholder organisations with the opportunity to strengthen relationships with FRSC Members and to share information and improve visibility of activities that are being progressed within the food regulation system.

During the meeting attendees considered the current work activities within the food regulation system and shared information on emerging issues in their sectors and jurisdictions.

The meeting was informed of the establishment of a local group of the Global Food Safety Initiative, a partnership between food manufacturers and retailers, designed to improve food safety outcomes across the food safety system, and members agreed there could be value in FRSC liaising with the Initiative.

Members also discussed a number of emerging issues including

  • efficacy of alternate cleaners in the food industry such as bacteriophages and issues of residual presence post use.
  • the emergence of a range of new and novel foods, including vegetarian products being represented as meat products, and issues around dairy and dairy substitutes, and molecular foods, which present marketing and potentially food safety issues.
  • The Lancet report on the global burden of disease showed for Australia and New Zealand poor diet was responsible for 18% of all deaths.
  • The need for an updated national nutrition policy because of the increased rate of overweight and obesity and global burden of disease.
  • Concerns about the system for making general level health claims regarding food and the notification process on the FSANZ website, the need for accuracy in relation to these claims and the self-substantiation process, the lack of robust substantiation, the food medicine interface, and the resource intensive nature of evaluations and investigations.
  • Interlinkages between food waste and packaging waste and the food regulatory system.
Members agreed that the Roundtable provides a mechanism for strengthening relationships and building trust, and should continue.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is currently scheduled for 8 October 2019 in Sydney.

Visit the Food Regulation website for further information on food regulation activities – if you have any questions you can email the Food Regulation Secretariat.

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