Australia New Zealand Food Standards Council Joint Communique 30 June 2004

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Board Members Appointed to Australian And New Zealand Food Regulator

The Parliamentary Secretary of Health, Trish Worth, today announced the makeup of the new Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Board after the term of office for three members expired.

Professor Christopher Hudson and Dr Heather Yeatman, whose terms of office expired on 30 June 2004, have been reappointed to the Board.

In a new appointment, Dr Laurence Eyres has replaced Professor Raymond Winger as a New Zealand government representative. Ms Worth has thanked Prof Winger for his past service to the Board and welcomes Dr Eyres as a new member.

FSANZ develops food standards for both countries on behalf of the Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council, under the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991. Food standards are developed to support industry, protect the public and to provide information to consumers.

Board members have wide-ranging expertise in fields including public health, consumer affairs and the food industry.

Details of Board members are below.

Media contact:
Mark Williams, Media Adviser for Ms Worth's Office
Kay McNiece, Australian Department Health & Ageing - 0412 132 585

Board Members of Food Standards Australia New Zealand

The Hon Mr Rob Knowles (Chair)
The Hon Rob Knowles is a former Victorian Health Minister and is the Commissioner for Complaints, with responsibility for overseeing the operation and effectiveness of the Aged Care Complaints Resolution Scheme.

Mrs Elaine Attwood (Member nominated by a consumer organisation)
Mrs Attwood has represented consumer interests on committees and boards. She has served on the executives of a number of peak consumer organisations, and has an interest in food issues.

Professor Kerin O'Dea (Member nominated by the National Health and Medical Research Council)
Professor O'Dea has a background in human nutrition, including experience in indigenous health and nutrition. She is a member of several committees and groups involved with health and nutrition matters.

Dr Heather Yeatman (Member nominated by public/health science organisation)
Dr Yeatman has an extensive background in science and nutrition and has served with committees and groups dealing with health and nutrition.

Dr John Craven (Member nominated by public/health science organisation)
Dr Craven's expertise covers the agriculture and primary production fields. He is experienced in the production and science of industry through his veterinary and microbiology qualifications. He also has experience in the dairy industry.

Professor Ken Buckle (Member nominated by public/health science organisation)
Professor Buckle is well-known in the food technology field at a national and international level. He has a strong science background, particularly in food safety and microbiology.

Professor Christopher Hudson (Member nominated by food industry organisation)
Dr Hudson has a science background, as well as a long association with the food industry. He is on a number of other boards and is chairman of the FSANZ finance and audit committee.

Mr Peter Milne (Member nominated by food industry organisation)
Mr Milne has a lifetime involvement in the livestock industry and a great deal of experience in primary production. He has also been involved with committees and councils related to agriculture and food production.

Mr Owen Symmans (Member nominated by New Zealand Government)
Mr Symmans works at the managerial level in the New Zealand meat industry. He has a varied background, having worked for a farmers' organisation, in government, and in the dairy industry.

Ms Hikihiki Pihema (Member nominated by New Zealand Government)
Ms Pihema has a background in human nutrition, having been a dietitian for over 25 years. Her experience includes community, public and Maori health.

Dr Laurence Eyres (Member nominated by New Zealand Government)
Dr Eyres has expertise in food science and his present research and professional speciality is quality assurance and research and development of food products, particularly oils and fats. He has worked in industry for over 30 years and brings a food technology, industry and New Zealand perspective to the Board.

Mr Graham Peachey (Chief Executive Officer of FSANZ)
Mr Peachey is also an ex-officio member of the Board. He has a strong record of achievement as a senior executive in several regulatory bodies in both the health and agriculture portfolios.

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