Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation Communiqué 1 June 2012

Communique of the Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation mneeting 1 June 2012

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Australian and New Zealand ministers responsible for the regulation of food met today to consider the progress on a range of issues including a revised health claims standard and front-of-pack labelling.

Today’s meeting in Canberra was chaired by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing, Catherine King.

Ministers were provided with a progress report from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) on the review of P293 Nutrition, Health and Related Claims Standard and the outcomes of recent public consultation on a revised draft Standard.

Ministers agreed to the importance of a joint standard between Australia and New Zealand.

Ministers supported elements of the proposed standard with regard to the treatment of nutrition content claims, high level health claims and the application of the nutrient profiling scoring criteria applying to general level health claims. Ministers agreed to give further consideration to the treatment of general level health claims in the draft standard following consultations with consumers, public health organisations and industry.

Last year Food Ministers agreed to the need for an interpretive front-of-pack labelling system for food that would be easily understood by consumers.

The development of a front-of-pack labelling system was a key priority arising from the Forum’s response to the food labelling review released in 2011.

Ministers noted good progress made to date. A collaborative process with stakeholders was agreed in order to advise Ministers by December 2012. This is an important project that aims to help consumers to make more informed food choices, while fostering a strong and innovative food industry through the development of one front-of-pack system that will be widespread, simple and interpretive, for packaged, manufactured or processed foods.

Ministers also considered the review of the Policy Guideline on Caffeine that is currently underway. Public consultation on the Policy Guideline is expected to take place later this year.

In addition, Ministers agreed to a standard on raw milk products; foods for special medical purposes; and have sought a review on the proposed extension of the standard on country of origin labelling to include all unpackaged meat products.

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