Policy statement on the public health role of FSANZ

Page last updated: 21 November 2016

(Endorsed 2 May 2008)
The Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation (the Forum) agreed to the policy statement to clarify how public health should be interpreted by FSANZ. This statement was developed as part of the Forum’s response to ‘Labelling Logic’, the report of the independent review of food labelling law and policy.

The policy statement draws on the ‘Overarching Strategic Statement for the Food Regulatory System’ (Overarching Statement) that provides the strategic context for the Australian and New Zealand food regulation system that was endorsed in May 2008. This document articulates the scope and objectives of the food regulation system and acknowledges food regulation as one facet of a range of strategies that may play an important role in preventing and reducing disease, illness and disability.
Policy Statement on the Public Health Role of FSANZ (Word 23 KB)
Policy Statement on the Public Health Role of FSANZ (PDF 93 KB)

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