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Page last updated: 15 August 2023

Home jurisdiction rule fact sheet

To assist consumers and industry on who to contract about food complaints, ISFR has established the Home Jurisdiction Rule. The home jurisdiction is the state or territory in which a food business is based or, in the case of a national chain, where the home company’s head office is located. The home jurisdiction is responsible for investigating potential breaches of food legislation including complaints and undertaking any necessary compliance or enforcement action in relation to the business.

Supply chain shocks and regulatory compliance

Unexpected global and national events may interrupt the supply of inputs to food and grocery manufacture and supply.

If businesses are experiencing significant interruptions to supply, they should contact their home jurisdiction for advice. The home jurisdiction is the state or territory in which the food business is based, or in the case of a national chain, where the head office is located.

Businesses should use the pro forma to refer supply chain issues to the food regulator and email it to their home jurisdiction.

The pro forma applies to significant supply chain interruptions that the regulator recognises are beyond the reasonable control of a business and where there are reasonable grounds why the business is not able to secure access through other channels.

The pro forma is intended as a guide to businesses and jurisdictions and to promote consistency in how jurisdictions respond to requests for advice. The existence of the pro forma does not override each jurisdiction’s statutory responsibilities or how to exercise those responsibilities.

Food enforcement contacts are available on the FSANZ website.

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